i was at my grandma's house with my family at night and i started noticing that there was a new planet in the sky that was visible, someone next to me was saying that this was gaia and that this was completing a synchronicity that would make the entire sky go black forever, while creating a new zodiac that would combine all the others. then i remember just "waking up" somewhere else, in another dream. i was at a bar and a girl with short curly pink hair recognized me and came up to me. she took me in her car and we arrived at a beautiful place full of trees and waterfalls, in the middle was a cafe with a lot of grape/vine imagery and other fruit, it was all made of wood. the owner was an old man, the inside of the cafe was full of surrealist paintings, all over the walls and ceiling. then,the further you went inside, the paintings started looking more and more like angels. i sat on a table alone and then 2 girls came and sat with me, we started playing a game where we had to find words that had the same starting letter. the only ones i found were gun and corpse and they were laughing about that. they told me they come here every day and that i should come again, then i woke up.