first i was with a group of friends near a beach, and we were passing through some gates inside caves. when i passed through one of them, i suddenly got put in another dream and gained new memories. me and a bunch of people were surrounding a temple, getting ready for a huge volcano to erupt, thinking that the most likely outcome is death. me and my classmates hid in an underground room with a fridge, but i was worried that we were going to drown since we're surrounded by sea, the water would get inside after the explosion. my perspective switched with someone from the outside and i could see people sending rockets to the core of the volcano to somehow reduce the damage. the explosion ended up happening and when i was back in my body, i could see snakes everywhere, on the floor,the ceiling, the walls. i couldnt take a step without stepping on a snake. then, all of the survivors gathered inside a theatre, and there a girl approached me, she had short blonde hair with bangs and piercings, and told me her name was circe.