me and another boy were chosen to participate in a killing game that was played with pairs. in the first room, one person had to press a button for a door to open and the other person had to go through quick before it crushed them. we did this successfully. in the next room there was someone with long black hair that claimed to know me and wanted us to work together. then each of us was given a piece of paper that we had to keep inside our mouths , we sat in chairs with numbers on them and some people were chosen to be put in jail cells before us. this game was complicated but it had something to do with our numbers and exchanging them somehow until we got our partners back. in front of me were papers that had info on me and were calling me useful, then a man got up from his seat and started cussing at me and telling me im to blame for everything, but they stabbed him and we continued. after that we were put out into nature, and there were weird round houses everywhere.