it was halloween and i was at a school party, i had left my bag inside a classroom along with my phone. there was an explosion in the building and everything caught on fire. the school had to move us all in groups in town to get us away from the fire. on our way i saw my dad's car passing by but he didnt see me, i started running behind him and shouting but he was too fast, and then i was too far away from the group and lost. i was crying and searching for everyone, eventually i found one of my classmates and he offered to lend me his phone so i could call my mom, and i did but i couldnt understand what my mom was saying. i kept repeating "i cant hear you, where am i going to stay?" and i just kept hearing gibberish back. i caught something about the next 10 months but i couldnt understand. she hang up and i was panicking because i had nowhere to go. my classmate left on a bike before i could say anything, it was getting late and the town was getting lonelier and darker, i felt like everyone was watching me and was on the verge of doing horrible things to me. i started panicking harder and then i woke up. i had a fever after this