dream 1; i was in a very small house with a girl i didnt recognize, but we were friends. she was trying to get me to go into small spaces for some reason saying that itll be good for me and i started running away. she tripped somewhere in the house and broke her neck. i ran to my grandmas house and she started making me food. i was about to eat it but i got a bad feeling that it was poisoned, i turned to my left and there was the decapitated head of my friend from before smiling at me.

dream 2; i was in a house party, it was a masquerade. there was a person serving a plate of fruit around, and i ate some strawberries. my mouth started hurting and i went to the bathroom. the upper side of my mouth had needles in it, and from my bottom teeth, hair started growing. i would cut it and it would grow back every hour, it would reach my shoulders.