i was on a school trip and i was exploring places with 2 other kids. we entered a home owned by an elderly couple and we sat down to eat. their tv was on the ceiling. in some weird way, i had set free a spirit that wanted to kill me. i stayed at that house for days. the spirit didnt show up again and i was starting to miss it. then it appeared to me in human form and hugged me, and we spent time together. i was suddenly in my own house in a family meeting. then i got to a school party where there were both humans and spirits. a little blonde girl came in and said she would "end it all". she told us to sit down and we did because of her powers. she did something that took the spirits' power away, and also made them tiny. as small as the palm of ones hand. i grabbed mine and ran. i got under an apartment building and i was trying to call people but it wouldnt work. i needed a ride home and didnt know the way. it got dark and i was panicking. every time someone passed by i would try hiding inside the entrance. i started having a full breakdown and fell to my knees, and then finally someone came and was looking at me.