first dream:

i was in another world where people could choose to develop powers. there were white or black marbles you could manifest and each of them had different ways they could be manipulated. for thw sake of convenience ill just call them black and white magic. someone with white hair had brought me here and i was left to explore the city, i ended up in a theater and made friends. what they did there (shapeshifting, voice changing etc) was considered black magic , and they had masks you could wear for different uses, one to turn jnto any animal you wanted, one to start hallucinating that a loved one is with you, one to start flying, etc,.but only when you wear the mask. at some point i started crying for some reason and when my tears hit the ground they made a shape like saturn's hexagon (idk why i thought of that exact wording in my dream instead of just hexagons, i had the image of saturn in my mind) and inside of it black marbles were coming up. i started to be able to manipulate them and i alsobeat someone up. then the guy that brought me here came up and killed everyone around me and took me to a floating palace to learn higher magic.

second dream:

i had some kind of condition where roots were growing inside of my body but i had found a way to keep it like a symbiotic relationship. they had reached my brain and as a result i could mentally communicate with any kind of nature i wanred to as long as i was touching it. i had a creature attached to me because of this, it was the size of a big moth (as big as my hand), it had moth wings and moth head/antennas but had big spider legs. despite how it sounds it was very cute and i would hold it in my hands and brush its wings with my fingers and it would squeal with happiness it was adorable. it had abilities too and it could help me basically mummify a corpse and then it would eat it and leave no evidence. when i was walking in the street i could feel every single root route beneath my feet and i could find people that way. i was looking for someone to kill and i could just subtly drop a little seed in someones ear and have it ''explode'' in their brain until plants were coming out of every single hole in their body including eyes. it felt like nature was one big hivemind and thats why i could connect with everything.