i was a young kid and i had gone out of the small village i lived in to buy things. when i turned back i found out that everyone had been killed by soldiers sent by the government and since i was the only survivor i was trying to hide. i found a sword on the ground and took it with me, and slowly i started sneaking up on isolated soldiers and killing them by slashing their stomach. eventually they caught on that someone was left and started searching for me. i was getting desperate that i couldn't take on so many adults at once but then some spirit creatures like fairies started appearing, some were like a soft big ball of glowing snow and others were tall all-white figures. they approached me and told me they will help me kill them all and restore the village. after that i had the power to move really fast and remove gravity and before anyone could do anything i went for all of their throats and succeeded. Then there was a time skip to some years where i was an adult and i was taking care of a little girl , everything was normal again. i took her to the movies along with my friends and then we went out to eat, she was really quiet and was just clinging on to me. we went home, it was some kind of carnival season and we were dressing up to go out at night, and i was doing glitter golden tears as my makeup.