dream 1 ;
i was in some kind of colorful festival, there were lots of people , in the central area was a huge merry go round and around it were shops that sold candies. i was with a friend, but they suddenly left. then it started snowing, everything got dark as the lights went out and everyone left. everything went quiet and i could only hear the wind. i had an ominous feeling and was texting people to come get me quick. from the snow, humanoid shapes started forming in the distance and started coming towards me. i was hiding for the rest of the dream.
dream 2 ;
i was lucid in this dream. i was in my home, and everything was the same, but when i started exploring outside i figured out i was in some 50% cyberpunk 50% reclaimed by nature version of my reality, everything was either half building half big tree or surrounded by flying machines, dead cables on the ground etc. the sky was smoky and there were blue lights. i couldnt find my family until i found a secret basement in my house, there they were all inside glass containers unconscious, but breathing. i somehow got a ''download'' of information that i need to ''walk back to my original reality'' as i saw a door in that basement. inside was a mess of hanging cables and bright lights. i kept walking, i blacked out, and found myself in my room. i wasnt sure if i had woken up. i got a call from someone whos name i recognized, but hadnt talked to since elementary. they were talking to me as if we were best friends. i figured out this was another fake, and then woke up.