i was in a place that was so pretty, there were shiny signs all around and red lights, big buildings with arcades and other areas for card games , those wheels for blackjack except huge, and other stuff like darts. i was playing with people, but one of them was mean to me , we started doing challenges and then we got along. then something weird was going on and i think i died. i was in a dark room that was actually pretty fancy. there was something like a fireplace in the corner and there was blue fire coming out of it, next was a big slim tv, a sofa, and a table with a blue orb of light. i had a deck of cards on the table and my phone and i also had wifi. i remember texting someone that "if this is hell its actually pretty cool" , and i was taking pictures of the room and sending them but they would disappear when i opened my gallery. this is the part where i got like... hyper-lucid? i knew i was in a dream before i got in this room and i had a feeling i had actually died in real life midway. i felt dead somehow. then i knew that people could come in this room but i couldnt go out. someone would visit me and we would play cards. then i took pics of myself to see what would happen and when i went to see them in the gallery they were morphing from normal picture to dream vision, like those AI apps that generate pictures from sentences, they became undefined shapes and colors. it would also add deer horns to my head and a blue tint to my skin.