i was in a classroom and our professor was doing an experiment to see which frequencies would make us cry if we heard them. there was a little bunny running around the classroom and it would come on my lap. then me and some other kids from the class got transported outside and we were running from someone and i had to create a new reality for us quick. we figured out we could do that by holding open a red bag and repeating a word. there, it was night and we were in the central square of a town but we started feeling watched again so we started trick or treating so we could find a place to stay. the first one had a lot of dogs on its front yard and they were barking at us to leave. the second house was owned by someone i had met in another dream and he let us inside. he was short with brownish black hair that reached his shoulders. i told him he should grow out his hair even more. we spent some time together and then i said i had to leave, he gave me a green bracelet with a little crescent moon on it and 3 pearls. then he hugged me and held my hand until i opened the door and woke up.