i was dreaming that i had woken up and was going on about my life. and i was lucid but not in an aware im dreaming way , just genuinely thought it was real. and all of a sudden its like i start zooming out of reality, and i get taken to a place thats a black void. this is what i was seeing scattered around the void, there were huge vertical pathways with these round thingies, every pathway was a galaxy and every circle a different timeline, and i could only be inside the one that was my own galaxy. i was floating and i was trying to figure out where i came from so i could go back, when looking down at the circles it was like you could see a linear timeline of history, so choosing both date and timeline. couldnt figure shit out so i just jumped down into the first one. it was this weird transition of seeing what was going on in 2d from outside to everything getting shaped in 3d like you were giving air to balloons. im popped inside a classroom, not literally popped inside it was like shifting my comsciousness to that me that already existed there but i didnt get the added memories. long story short i spend a few days there and start getting memories back there was someone i liked and then i saw them kissing someone else and i just got so dramatic and sad that i popped myself out of the universe. on accident. then while in the pathway space i figurebout that if i jump down the circles really fast i dont get sucked into them, i pass through them and get glimpses of my memories there. for some reason i decide to go to one thats in 2016 , where my parents are dead and i live in a mountain with my grandparents. bad things start happening. because i fucked around too much with jumping up and down timelines stuff started merging and it was like. multiple (the plural of consciousness i dont know) started popping in bodies at the same time and my grandparents were acting literally possessed and screaming and throwing things around and hitting themselves and looking for stuff to kill themselves with. i remember i saw something evil outside the window but ive blocked it out now. anyhow then i was trying to get out of the timeline and i couldnt, so i decide to run away to see if other people are normal or what. there were not other people. i go look through the school that i was in in the first timeline because idk i had an instinct smth would be there, and there was something like, a visual echo of someone. the way i understood it was that at that moment they were in the same spot but at the 1st timeline and they were shouting for me. not the same person i mentioned before different. and i suddenly start crying and get that feeling in my chest that im missing someone but dont know who. and i was like oh m god i have to find this person. but i still couldnt pop out. but i found something that was like a hole in reality and jumped through and it took me somewhere in 2013 however the moment i pop in there there are about 5 people that immediately start chasing after me to kill me. midway through running i just take a turn and suddenly im somewhere else entirely, liek i turn on the street and then im in an all white empty hallway. i hear footsteps from the other end and i get a feeling and start running towards them then i find that person and we start hugging and crying and they say theyve been looking for me for so long. unfortunately i woke up not even minutes after that and couldnt remember anything about them anymore, its only a dark silhouette now. they were short though. for those brief moments, i felt like i was home.