i was in elementary school and there was a new teacher. she had started saying nasty racist things and i started cursing at her, then she started dragging my chair around and i kicked her and spat on her face. she somehow made me strapped to my chair and passed me around the class where everyone else was kicking me. then they threw me out of the class and i passed out, however when i woke up next to me was the teacher's rotting body, that i could hardly tell was a body because of how deformed it had gotten, she had a spear going through her skull. then the dream fast forwarded and i remember being able to change dimensions by sitting under the sink in my house and closing my eyes. there in the other dimension i was running from someone. in the middle of a crossroad there was a huge black dog and something that looked like a tiger with her baby, she came towards me and would let me pet her. i asked her if she was some kind of spirit guide and she said yes. then i reached an abandoned house and i was looking for someone but some people with guns showed up and i had to hide. i heard them say that everybody in this house and the baby were dead. then someone saw me and started shooting at me, as i was hiding through some trees some people came beside me and told me that if i died they could take my memories and put them in another body, so i let myself get shot and i woke up.