i only remember parts of this dream. first i was sitting in the playground thats near my house , i was trying to call someone but it wasnt working. i think before that i had killed someone and was carrying all of their money. i started seeing big animalistic shadows in the corner of my eye, and i was feeling like i was about to get hunted. then someone else came my way and told me to run away with them to a safe place, they could see the shadows too, and i did. they took me to an underground building , it was like one huge room with a lot of layers, on the bottom there was a big table with a lot of chairs and going upwards by the stairs were spaces that were storing stuff like fridges, computers, books, and there were a lot of people sitting there. i first went up to meet a group of boys that told me what was going on, apparently the shadows cant enter this place and the reason theyre hunting only people like us is because we died and didn't notice, so we're something like ghosts. they said we dont need food or sleep or whatever but they liked to send someone out occasionally to get them snacks , i said rn im carrying a lot of money and told them we can split it and eat together. they told me that they learn everything thats happening outside though the computers and theres no need to leave this place. i also met a girl with short blonde hair that had a big scar on her neck that spelled out "i love you" and she thinks thats how she died but doesn't remember. i became friends with those people and joined their space, every morning everyone in the building would gather at the table and eat together and discuss things.