i was in a bus, i was returning home from somewhere, but it kept getting off track and a lot of hours had passed, i was with 2 other people. when we finally arrived to town i told them id just call my dad and we'd give them a ride home but they wanted to go by foot. i followed but they took a turn towards a weird road that i dont remember being there and i stopped and told them to come back. the road was dark all around and the only lights were coming from the ground. the one person went too far off into the darkness, and the other was engulfed in a black liquid. it wasnt black like its surroundings, it looked more like the absence of matter, like a mass of liquid void. when it got all over the person, it got absorbed by their skin, and they turned into a completely different person, staring directly back at me. i ran back into the crowd and hid in a shop, i told the owners something wanted to kill me. as i was hiding i started thinking that i could barely remember anything about the people i was with before and it was like they were fading from existence. then one of the owners came in yelling that i need to follow him to another room quickly and i did but once we got in , black liquid started coming out of him and i realized i was tricked and trapped so i just rolled with it and started asking questions. at this point this person had taken another form, it was like they were half-existing , it felt like they would disappear if i looked away for too long. they started telling me about how im special and they need to do an experiment on me that will make me stronger. i dont remember now how they did it but they got the liquid inside my veins. however i then suddenly remembered something from another dream that i also cant recall now but it made me realize that if i dont let them turn me fully im more powerful than them, so i just started killing them, all i had to do was clench my hand and make a bright light come out of them inside out. then i tried calling my dad but when he picked up he sounded like another person and was trying to convince me to not come home. i went there and it was like the whole thing was glitching out of reality, like when you think youve woken up and you reach for your phone but it disappears once youve fully woken up. i think someone else was here with me but i cant remember.