i was outside a supermarket and had lost my bike. i saw someone coming and laying it down, i thought he found it and brought it here for me so i rode it and said thanks, but he got mad and called his friends. they were chasing me and my friends inside the supermarket, we got outside and ran through a hidden road so theyd lose us. we were going around the supermarket to get our bikes back from the other side but while everyone except me and another girl with me were already going, i held her back because i got a really bad impending sense of doom and told her we should hide. we ran to a forest nearby and hid inside a little cave but the guys chasing us were passing by too and they saw us, however when they came closer , they looked behind us and froze, we looked as well and saw that they were looking at a small house. the window was open and we could see a woman choking to death , there was some weird orange liquid coming out of every hole of her body. we knew this was an urban legend, it was said that theres a thoughtform in the shape of a giant octopus that will invade your mind as soon as youre first aware of its existence, unless you hide somewhere, close your eyes and keep counting infinetely without thinking about it until the sense of doom is over. if you accidentally thought about it then, it would make orange liquid manifest inside you and it would keep going until you had nothing else in your body, killing you. we all started running towards my house to hide. we started to become friends and everything was going fine. then i went to the bathroom and when i came out i saw everyone lying on the floor with blood and orange liquid surrounding them, i quickly hid under my desk, closed my eyes and started counting. when i woke up in real life i was still counting.