i was living in the dorms of a university that was far away from all other civilization and you could only leave by car. i wasnt myself, i was tall with long black hair and red eyes. i had noticed that one my friends was acting weird, he was sluggish all the time, was bumping into everyone, was dissociated all the time and wouldnt talk more than one sentence. his skin was also kinda purple. nobody else seemed to notice and they acted like he wasnt there. then when it was late and i was wandering alone in the garden a girl came up to me and asked me if i ''could see them too''. she explained that there is an evil force living in this school that spreads its energy like a virus. you get infected by being around another infected person a lot and sharing food. once youre in that state, you start to rot from the inside, and you fade from existence along from everyone's memories, youre not dead but youre living in an inbetween space, still wandering like a living ghost. once you fully turn, youve fully transitioned into a spirit,and the mutations start. you start getting owl like features and hardly look human. at this point, you are visited by the evil force itself, the queen, and given the option to serve or die. she feeds off of making people empty husks like that. your task as a servant would be to hunt down ''angels'' and other threats to her. this will be explained later. as the girl was explaining this to me, she suddenly gave me a bag with a bow and arrow inside, and told me that the arrows were dipped into water with salt, which was like poison the owls, and that i can kill them with it. then one of those things came and set her on fire. before i could start hitting it, there was a blinding light, and i saw a huge egg surrounded by people in all white clothing, hair and eyes with wings. they told me the egg makes them angels, which entails a similar physical and mental transformation to that of the owls. when you are chosen, you are given ''sight'' , and can see everything in the inbetween and spiritual realm. you do not become a rotting living ghost, however, you do start becoming a stranger to everyone, and they will forget about everything about you in less than a day after they learned it. once your sight becomes crystal clear, you are visited by the egg and the angels, and again have a choice to either serve or to continue living like this. serving entails protecting people from the evil and making them develop sight with your new powers as you stick by them. then they told me i was about to make the choice right now, and i was thinking that both entities are pretty much the same, and i wouldnt want to be recruited by either, but i did want to start killing owls because i was upset about my friend. in fact i wanted to kill all of them because i was thinking that both are just toying with people's lives and they're two sides of the same coin, but you cant kill an angel unless youre an owl. i told them that id give them an answer tommorow. i went to the dorm room of my friend who was infected, i cut off a piece of his arm and i put it in my bag. the next day, when the angels were back, i told them id join them, and they said i gain powers by eating from the egg. what i did was eat both from the egg and from my friend's arm, and so i now had the abilities to go against everyone. i started using the arrows and it worked. i had a pair of angel wings and right below another pair of owl ones, i got big orange eyes, the top part of my lip turned black, a halo and claws on my hands. the dream ended with me standing above the facility that was full of gore.