i was on a school trip inside a really tall bus with no doors. when we had to get out, it had to be with a ladder through the window, and i was afraid i was gonna fall. we were changing buses and i realized i had forgotten my things inside the first one, and i stressfuly went back and got them. then it was night, and i was next to an ocean with no other people around. the next day, there was a weird boat that was like a floating house inside the sea and i went inside. i had trouble getting out because it was all too big for me and i couldnt reach things but i did it. then i started exploring shops around the area, they had pretty dresses and gold jewellry. all of a sudden, all the people inside the store disappeared, and i could hear my heart beating very fast. i started seeing faint figures of people running around screaming and getting distorted, and then just disappearing. i was running but there was nowhere to go. then someone very tall appeared, they had black hair and black oversized clothes. they stood in front of me until i hugged them and i felt safe. they took me to a house where a woman was staying, they told me that something had went wrong and they had to turn her into a baby again. at this point i started having dream flashbacks to other times i was in trouble and this figure had showed up. its hard to describe, kind of felt like alternate timelines. then we all went to sleep, and i woke up.