i was in a big house with multiple floors. the house was seemingly in the middle of nowhere, there were no other houses or roads close to it,just grass stretching on. me and some other people were exploring it. one floor was like a mall, and it was filled with people, but the second we got to another one they would all disappear and we'd stop hearing them. another floor was like a pet center? they had cats you could play with that needed adoption. the middle floor was weird. once you entered it, it seemed to stretch on forever. empty white rooms , with one leading to another. here we had to run because there were shadow figures chasing us. the other floors seemed like normal homes. for some reason, we started ripping off the walls like they were fake grass, and under them was actually our houses. then i got teleported outside, and someone shot me, but i wouldnt die. i would just be on the ground conscious for a while. he told me to pretend to die so i can wake up before things got bad ? something something im actually helping you