i was on a beach with my classmates and we had to get back to a hotel, but me and the girl i was closest with didnt remember the way, so we were just following the others from behind. however the owner of a beach club wouldnt let us two pass through the sea to get to the other side because we hadnt stayed at their place and they owned it. the others left and we stayed behind but later we tried to swim through anyway. the owner ended up catching us, she tied us with ropes and then took us to her house and sat us on chairs still tied. she was manic and started rambling about the problems shes having with her husband, my friend told her to just let us go and she got mad and shot my friend in the head. i told her i could help with her situation but she shot me too anyways. then i "woke up" on the beach again, in the beginning of the dream, i asked my friend if she remembered anything and she said that we were in a time loop. we then changed our way and we ran to my parents who were sitting away from that beach club, i tried to quickly tell them everything before we ran out of time but as i looked behind them i could see the woman coming out of the water, and into my direction, she was uncontrollably puking blood and she was angry. then i had another dream that im not sure if it was connected to this one. i had powers, i could fly and move things with my mind, and there was a war going on with other people with powers. i remember pulling someone up to the sky to save him. then, when almost everyone was dead,me and 4 other people declared peace. we chose to live in the same house because all of our relatives were dead.