i was in a huge school building, and i was lucid. i was going away from the main hallways with a lot of people. i found myself in a very long silent hallway , that had sets of doors left and right, and lead to a dead end. i opened the first one on the right, and it was an empty tall room with train parts spread out, there were some people sitting around. then i went straight to the end of the hallway, and opened the first right door there. on the ground were a lot of small swimming pools, with legs coming out of them and swirling around. i opened the left door that was on the opposite side of this one, and it was the same scenery, but the water was upside down, like, floating above the ground. i figured that this hallway worked like that for every set of doors. i went back to first one with the trains, and climbed on top of one. there was a set of a traditional deck of cards, and i started shuffling. i remember that 4 cards came out, but now i only remember the ace of spades and the 6 of spades. then a tarot deck appeared next to me and i started shuffling it too, the star came out. i started going in and out of sleep because i was becoming too lucid.