i was visiting my old elemetary school to say hi to some teachers. when i got in the hallways peole started saying that theres someone with a gun coming so i started going in the classrooms and telling everyone to run outside. in one of them everyone listened except one kid who got so scared he was frozen in place, so i picked him up and ran outside with him, then he started crying and mumbling words / shaking and i was trying to keep him calm , he eventually got quiet after i started hugging him. the police came and the kid's mom was thanking me. then i just got transported into a train station, it was snowing everywhere and there werent a lot of people, i didnt know where i was. i called my dad and he said he'd come looking for me. i was suddenly underground inside some weird tunnels, someone i knew was tied up and they had explosives tied to their neck, arms and legs, they exploded into pieces.