1. i was inside a big mall with a friend shopping. we found a section that seemed to stretch wider and wider, and the deeper into it we went, the less lights and people were there. the items started getting weirder, and what caught my eye was a wooden drum of sorts, different areas you were supposed to hit were marked with planetary symbols, and they would make different sounds. i wanted to buy it, but suddenly a woman came and kicked us out.

2. i was in my old middle school with a friend and they were arguing with two people. i told my friend that they should lure one of them to the back of the school and talk to them alone so i can record it, because i thought we could get them to argue amongst themselves. we did that, but she just wouldnt talk anymore. then a teacher came and was taking our class to a trip to some river. i was sitting on a rock collecting rocks i thought were pretty. then i started finding other little items in the water, like a mirror or old portraits of people i didnt know, rings.  i accidentally caught an anglerfish and thought it was weird i found it here.