i was walking towards a playground when i came across a big bus in front of me. it wasnt like a normal bus, it had 2 really tall doors that would only open from the inside, they opened and i could see that inside there was a cold blue wall. hanging on the wall were black torture devices and i could see a man sitting on a chair, wearing all black and a gas mask. i started running in the opposite direction from it but i kept seeing men wearing all black in front of me, i knew i was being watched and was trying to make them lose me. then i finally decided to give in and to go see whats going on inside the bus, i went in and they told me that if i passed their test they would give me a supernatural ability. the test was passing through an all black room and to the exit of the bus, and i did it. when i stepped out, i looked behind me and the bus had disappeared. then i noticed i could see things that other people couldnt on the street, they were like holograms popping up from the ground, like little computers and figures. then one of the little computer holograms popped up in front of me, it had a smiley :-) face in the middle, i pressed it and it told me to write my name. i did and a voice started explaining to me that ive entered an organization that can create false people from my imagination, holograms that only i can see.