i was in a building with multiple floors and a garden at the bottom. when i was in the garden there were other people there too and one of them kept following me and telling me we're friends but i was very angry at them , i kept kicking them away and every time theyd find a way to actually die from this ( their head would crack open in the ground, theyd fall on spikes that pierced through their stomach etc) but then id walk a few steps and theyd be in front of me again alive and well. i was getting pissed so i got in the building. the first floor looked like a church aesthetically, in each of the 4 corners of the room there would be a smaller open room i could see into and on the left there were stairs that went up. i remember one of the open rooms just being filled with skulls. there were some creatures here that looked human from a distance , they were wearing priest outfits , but their faces were distorted and they wouldnt walk normally, they would levitate right above the ground and slide. i went up the stairs but everything was just empty so i went down again. i started staring at the skulls and the longer i did it the more ominous the atmosphere felt, like something invisible was pulling my chest towards them. i heard one of the priests say ''this is my favorite room. they are so silent.'' and then he said smth implying he'd make me silent too by removing my teeth and tongue and when i finally took my gaze off the skulls and looked back at him he slid towards me very fast and i woke up hyperventilating