i was in a school celebration and i was getting ready in the changing rooms. i had some girls helping me but there was one teacher that kept barging in and complaining that we were taking too long, i got mad and threw a chair at him telling him i promise to destroy his life one day. because of all the chaos i lost my phone and the pants i was supposed to wear so i just gave up on participating and went to the school garden. it was night and i just sat down next to one of the lightstands, i heard someone ask what i was doing and i told them theres an urban legend that if you stand here and ask for help, you will see two disembodied blue eyes floating in the darkness in front of you and you will get a wish. as i said that i actually saw them, and i wished for everybody in this world to die. i woke up and i still had the afterimage of the eyes in front of me.