i was in highschool and there was a party going on. i would go through diff classrooms to eat their food. at some point my maths teacher started telling me my grades are low. my mom came to get me and we were talking about the 5-day trip i was going to attend soon. it was night. suddenly we were in the middle of the woods. there was a competition where kids in swimming suits were to run around with knives and hit moving targets. one girl did it and everyone was cheering. one woman then got mad and started screaming for no reason. everyone started attacking her. she started transforming into something like a titan , with a huge mouth. i thought it looked like a gorilla and laughed a bit. she started chasing me and i was asking for help but other people were turning into gorillas too. at the end of the road there was a very bright white door. i went through it and suddenly i was in a white void, with everything else transformed into simplified shapes and colors. i heard a voice saying "nothing can save you in this dimension."