dream 1 ; i was forced to stay in house with 4 or 5 more people my age, we were all to sit in the same room and werent allowed to leave. it was a fancy place with a lot of decorations and paintings, there was a lot of gold furniture. we would have expensive dinners all in one long table. the other people in the house were mostly women in suits. my roommates started leaving and not coming back, i saw one leaving our room and almost immediately a big tentacle thing showed up and tore them to pieces. two of the women told me to follow them, and that i was going to be free. we got in another room and they locked the door. one of them pulled out a syringe and started saying they had to euthanize me and that theyre sorry and they have reasons for doing this and would like me to hear and pass away peacefully. i accepted and they were happy, saying they knew id cooperate.

dream 2 ; i was in the backseat of a car, it was night and i was leaning against the window. someone was sleeping on my shoulder on my left. looking out, i was seeing tons of fireworks and admiring them. i suddenly got a vision of someone in my head and started drawing him. he had long light purple hair, red eyes and fangs. above him i also drew a weird sigil in orange ink, that was important for some reason.