1. i was in my bathroom, and the walls and sink were filled with blood. i was trying to clean it all up before my parents came home, and i couldnt find the correct ingredients so i was just trying everything. my mom came home and knocked on the bathroom door and i told her hold on im almost done but she came in. she thought i had thrown up and was cleaning up and didnt notice the blood on her right. even though i wasnt injured anywhere, i had burning pains all over my body.

2. i was taking an exam in a very dark building with a lot of stairs. when i came out of the building my parents were waiting for me in a cafe. we were in some foreign country on an island, the cafe was surrounded by sea and you could see huge statues in the distance emerging from the water along with big fountains. im not sure who the gods were but they had multiple arms. i was taking pictures with my phone and thinking that this cant be a dream because of how realistic it is lol. then i started walking around the city. it was mostly empty except for the crows. then something attacked me, but i dont remember what. suddenly, two very tall people showed up, a man with shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes and a woman with very long red hair and blue eyes, and they were naked. they looked like twins. they were here to save me somehow, and i wasnt being attacked anymore.