i was going on a trip to an island with my family and we were going to be guests in another family's house. they had big outdoors buildings near the sea to make food and drinks , a dancefloor, tables and chairs etc, all wooden. there was an area that only had a roof and a big wooden statue of someone with deer horns in the middle, along with 4 cauldrons. i went in there and lit those up, there was smth inside to keep the fire going for a long time. i realized my voice made an echo in here and i started singing, then i also started flying around. for some reason the locals wanted to kill me and tried burning me inside the house but i got out and they kept chasing me. then some creatures showed up ,their body was a circle with two vines (feet?) hanging them upside down from trees, they had a smaller circle for a head that only had teeth. they wanted to help me and they started launching themselves to the people. once they got a grip on someone, they could make their vines insert in their body and cause spikes to start exploding everywhere from inside them, leaving them dead and frozen in place. they succeeded doing this.