i had hopped on the back of a train, and i had a deck of cards in my hands. the wind blew them away, and i jumped off the train to go get them. they were all facing downwards except the ace of hearts. i tried to run back on the train, but it was too fast. i turn around, and suddenly im on a misty path on a mountain full of trees. it was night and there were very few street lamps. there was only one path, so i followed. on the side of the road was a small store with a bright blue light and there was one woman selling bus tickets. other people were there and they would only say if they wanted a ''back'' ticket or a ''forward'' one. there was one girl with blonde hair i recognized for some reason from another dream but i dont know her irl. i asked her where she was going, she said back and then i said i think ill come with. we bought the tickets and then i woke up.