i woke up in a room i didnt recognize, but in seconds i suddenly gained knowledge of what had happened, like a flashback. someone had kidnapped me, and i was in the secret house of a very powerful politician with more kids my age (we were pretty young). we had our own rooms, high quality food and toys, but we couldnt have communication with the outside world, so we didnt have phones. one day, a kid did something bad and the politician got angry, and started chasing us with a gun. i managed to escape outside. suddenly a phone appeared in my hand and i heard my moms voice telling me to please come home. then, it disappeared, and i was running towards my house. the sky was a weird shade of purple, and the people around me were like ghosts. i reached home, and the rest of the evening passed by like nothing had happened. i was thinking that i mustve had a weird dream, and now i had woken up. until i noticed that my parents were acting a bit strange. at that moment they both turned their heads at me in sync with the most cold, emotionless face. they told me to hide in the bedroom. there were people outside looking for me. i heard gunshots and went outside, there were the other kids waiting for me and were telling me something weird. they said we had to go climb the stairs next to a church before they disappeared. one of the kids was very opposed to this, but we went nonetheless. there, on top of the stairs, was a huge machine, with pipes connected to it. the only thing i could see from the outside was a door. i couldnt take my eyes off of it. the other kids started laughing like crazy and immediately entered it. before i followed, the one kid that was opposed to it dragged me away, and told me that "we should have gotten out with the card that the machine gives out, now we dont know whats gonna happen to us". under the stairs was a woman passing by, with the same cold emotionless look my parents had. she looked at us, then at the machine, which had started spitting out something like sand. she started screaming as loud as she could, and her mouth had opened to nonhuman lengths. she fell to the floor crying hysterically. i asked my friend what is happening, and she said "we have to leave quickly. the machine started skinning cats. thats what she saw". i remember feeling really weird and uncanny. i started wondering what exactly this machine was, why it attracts people to it, and why it makes everyone act crazy. as i was lost in those thoughts, my body started moving on its own, and i was collecting the sand from the machine in a bucket and then eating it like a maniac. i started coming to my senses when my friend started shaking me while crying. at this moment, i couldnt understand what i was doing wrong, so i just smiled at her. the crazy woman saw me, her eyes suddenly turned fully red, and her hair started falling out. quiet, she hugged me, and then pushed both of us inside the door of the machine. for some reason, i felt really euphoric. it was like i was flying. everything went black, and before i woke up , i heard a voice say that this is my fate, and i cant avoid it.