me and some friends were in a supermarket and we had left our bikes outside but i forgot to lock up mine. then people inside were arguing because someone wanted to pay for everyones things. i went outside and all the bikes were gone including mine. a girl that could turn back time showed up and she brought me my bike, she had one too and i followed her to a place where a teacher was waiting for us. she told us we were outside an english castle and we went in. she was telling us that royal families lived here and that the paintings on the wall implied cannibalism. we started going up some stairs with a really low ceiling and yellow lighting. i told the girl i couldnt find my phone , she reached inside her jacket and gave it to me. we reached church-like places, that had chairs split on left and right, on the right there were skeletons sitting on them and on the left people. in front of them were priests. then we went outside to a garden, u could see a lot of mountains. crows started flying up above me in circles and the teacher was yelling at them to leave. they did.