i was in a foreign town and i was watching a movie at a cinema that was inside a school. when it was done i called my parents and was trying to tell them where to pick me up from. i was looking for them all over the building until i went through a big isolated door that transported me to a vibrant forest. i was originally not wearing anything except a bedsheet around me but it transformed into clothes. there i met a demon with white hair and red eyes, and i suddenly had the knowledge that he was something very evil. he was explaining to me that i somehow slipped into an afterlife and that there are more except this one, but he couldnt make me leave. at the end of the forest there was a big half-broken palace that was half-reclamed by nature, and on the tall stairs there were faint golden ghosts with fancy dresses that were dancing with each other. i looked at the demon and told him that i have a feeling these are someones memories.