i was in a forest and i came across some people doing a ritual, but they couldnt see me. they had a bowl with sand and some rocks on it and i moved it to talk to them, they were asking me questions like where im from and i would write in the sand with a stick. they told me i shouldnt exist here and that they have a person that can take me back to my reality, they came and clapped their hands and then i got transported to something like a waiting room, i was sitting by a table with food on it and little candles, there was someone faceless on the other side of it but they were friendly to me, started asking me questions about how i was feeling and told me that i could name them for the time if i wanted, i dont think i did. on the left side of the table there was a single path with flowers and trees on each side, the person told me that if i stray off then i wont be taken to my original reality and it will mess things up, but i went anyway.on my way i started picking up flowers of 3 kinds, though now i can only identify 2. one was a spanish broom, and the other a delphinium. the only thing i remember of the third kind is that it was all white. i was especially fixated on the delphinium ones for some reason and i was getting a lot of them. i somehow knew that they were poisonous and i was being careful with my hands. as i continued walking the path morphed into a familiar place, and i could walk to my real home from there. i did, i greeted my family and then placed the flowers in my room. when i came back outside, my mom was crying and wouldnt talk to me. i tried texting people but it was all in a language i didnt understand. then my mom started telling me that something is wrong and that she doesnt feel real.