i was in my grandmas house and we were all sitting in the living room. i had a weird feeling and i started following a street outside that led me to a door in the middle of the street. i entered and it was a black void with multiple paths, each had another door with different decorations, one had flowers and clouds painted on it and i could see grass coming out of it, another had colorful ribbons and layers, etc. they started opening on their own and i knew that they would take me to other worlds. suddenly i also had the knowledge that the people i was with werent really my family and they were creatures trying to trick me. as soon as i thought that i could feel them coming towards me in full speed and i had to go into a door quick, i went into the one with colorful decorations , when i entered i kept falling into an empty space but it was beautiful, as i kept falling things started forming around me, there were big fancy curtains behind me, bright lights with different colors, tall candy canes and guns that would shoot glitter. i eventually landed on top of a train , it was going through a crowded lively city and everything was so shiny. it stopped just outside of a big tent, someone told me there would be a dance contest inside and that they were waiting for me. i explored a little before going in because the shops nearby were very familiar and i felt like ive been here before. when i entered there was like a big stadium with people dancing in the center, i joined in with a random person and had fun, it went on for about an hour. after i sat down somewhere to rest and as i started looking closer at the people dancing i thought they looked like really detailed mannequins but didnt really care. then i left, there was a lady at the door that told me to come again and then i woke up.