i was in a forest and the path i was following stopped and there was a big circle on the ground with a statue of aphrodite in the middle. outside the circle path was a little book, its cover showed people dancing around the statue. i read it and it had instructions for this ritual. you had to dance until your body started catching on fire, and then youd have to go through a death by jumping off the cliff nearby and into the water. when you come out, youre reborn. i did as it said, i started hearing music out of nowhere though i cant pinpoint what kinda music it was, i had my eyes closed and was dancing instinctively. i was seeing a lot of shapes and colors flying around at every direction and it felt like i was flying. then i proceeded with the death part and i came out fine, i realized that after that my eyes had become full white and i could catch on fire on command without it hurting me. there in the lake i met a girl who looked the same, and she joined me in dancing.