i was on a plane and it somehow had 7 floors. in the one i was in, there was a ritual going on and they were killing a goat. on another one there was a party going on, the first floor was calm and the last one had glass floors/windows/everything and there were swings. i sat there for a bit but i was getting worried that the glass would break and i would fall. then the airplane transformed into a big skyscraper and i went all the way down and sat outside of it. it was in the middle of a huge sunny field, the grass was almost too green and there was nothing else in sight, just the building and blue skies. there a woman came and asked me if i was okay. after that i entered the building and it was a plane again. i wanted to go back because i was only on a trip and i wasnt planning to stay but they told me that the return plane had already left. the plane then started getting too close to the sea and i was scared i was gonna drown but we landed safely. i had no shoes because i had left them on another floor.