i was at a school and some feral dogs were chasing me for some reason , as i was running through the hallway some girls basically pulled me into the bathrooms wouldnt let go and locked us inside, i asked wtf is wrong and they were saying that i need to find [name] somewhere in this building because its " the only way they will stop watching" , then they told me that "the cat is the broadcaster" , i didnt ask anything for some reason and i had a really bad feeling in my stomach, they let me go and i start running upstairs trying to find this guy. i open a door to a classroom and suddenly im in a living room with one grandpa playing with a cat and another man who was talking with him who i think was who i was looking for. i go sit with them and we start talking about how my dad has taught me how to hunt all of a sudden, they were talking normally but i could practically hear the fear in their voice like something was off. i saw a flash go off somewhere in the room and both of them were trying their hardest to make me talk about something else, like they were trying to tell me "we know but you must not acknowledge it no matter what" i started feeling really stressful and then remembered the cat thing, i took it in my arms and i squeezed my fingers into its eyes, immediately i was transported to an all white empty room, i was sitting down and in front of me was a tv where i could see myself in (as in i was being filmed) , i was only wearing underwear for some reason, as i looked into the tv more i started hearing only a high pitched alarm and then woke up.