i was in a building with like 7 floors and each one had a ton of hallways with mirrors on the walls and at the end of them. some of them would open like doors to reveal other hallways but i had to find out which myself. then i open one that just leads to a black room with one more mirror on the wall, and i couldnt see myself. i immediately start feeling like i cant breathe and start throwing up blood but i still feel like im suffocating so i start grabbing aomething inside my throat. i start pulling out tangled threads with thorns on them all drenched in blood and this went on for so long. then someone found me i dknt remember who but they were like oh um we have an elevator there. we went in and i woke up. my knees were also really fucked up? i had two huge deep purple circles like when yheres a bad bruise and inside it was blue-reddish with white spots like they were rotting kinda