i was in a weird looking building with complicated architecture and a lot of doors and stairs, i had gone there exploring with some friends but we all started feeling uneasy quick when we were deep in and we were trying to find a way out, but people kept disappearing out of thin air. i grabbed the person closer to me and we ran to a room that was like a small church, there was a shrine of a woman crying and i told the person if we join hands and hold them above the shrine we will be saved. we did it and the uneasy presence went away, all the people suddenly came back and they wanted to light candles. we did, but everyone elses candles were going out fast, and mine was the only one with a strong tall flame, it was right in front of the little statue and as i was looking through it i was seeing her face change from crying to screaming but didnt tell anyone. then, in the same building, we sat somewhere to eat. one girl that noone knew came up to me , gave me a small black key and told me "if you see your friend coming back with someone you dont recognize next to them, run outside and bury this." that did happen after a while and i did as she said, when i buried the key and looked back at the building it started looking like a sinking ship, it was dissolving into the ground. then i noticed there was another key in my wallet and i remembered that someone else in the past had given it to me and told me the same thing as the girl, but i had decided to keep it because it was important for some reason.