dream 1 ;
somebody was possessed and unconscious, and me and one other person had brought them to a place that was like a big open parking lot, it was night and there were pnly a few yellow lights. i had a book of spells, and i was doing one to help them. it involved me speaking some words, calling upon gods and spirits willing to help, 3 chickens that appeared out of nowhere to serve as the vessels for the spirit to get out of the person and inside them, and 3 black dogs that would eat them. i did it and it was successful. then i was suddenly at my home, and i was doing a similar spell for protection. way more black dogs then surrounded my house and were keeping guard. when i went outside, i saw there were actually plenty of animals like tigers, vultures and deer sitting around, they were all friendly and i was petting them.
dream 2 ;
i was incredibly lucid and i was in a space i knew was beyond space and time. its like i was sitting inside my brain, inside a projector of a place. when my eyes were open i was in the corner of an all white room , in the other end were twirly stairs that led up and curtaind covering a door. i was here with a being beyond my comprehension who was speaking to me or showing me things directly through my brain, its like i could hear her but at the same time i couldnt. her name was dorra but she sometimes was called nana. by who, i dont know. i was in this space with one other person who was apparently important to me but dorra didnt want us talking/thinking about each other because it was too much interruption for her. i tried my hardest to memorize what she was teaching me but i knew i wouldnt be able to remember. it was like she was showing me live a slideshow with words and images that could turn 3d, into videos, or their own living concept. when we werent inside my brain with my eyes closed, i could explore the room and still hear her. she had me try and catch a red insect , which transformed into a big worm almost my size. i said i still thought it was cute. when i turned back, there was a desk and two decks of cards, inside an open tent that was circuslike. i sat down and grabbed one of them, and an invisible figure grabbed one too. i couldnt hear her here but i think it was her. she was trying to teach me a game ive never heard of before. the few rules i remember are that when you draw two or more aces they can be merged, as well as 8s, 9s and 10s. the cards would literally merge by the way. the queens and kings were ''killed'' when drawn and would turn bloody. at one point i said ''is the point of the game for me to match your cards?'' and in return i got a laugh and a ''you almost got it. i knew you were smart.'' we kept playing, and right when they drew a queen and it was ready to bleed, i put the ace of spades on top of it, and the whole deck became blank, and then disappeared. i was back in my normal room. the teaching kept going and i remember counting the seconds and the minutes and the hours because i felt like i was really being kept here for a long time, and time didnt pasd the same as it did in normal dreams. i dont remember what number i reached but i was right. i remember thinking that dorra was terrifying but that she was also weirdly motherly towards me and genuine. i also thought that even if i dont remember this stuff consciously when i wake up itll be okay because the subconscious dpesnt forget and i will have gotten what i needed. at some point i pulled back the curtains in the room and opened the door, but there was just thick black smoke. i started hearing knocking inside my head and was asking for help, and then i woke up. weirdly, this is the first time in weeks where ive woken up not feeling sick or not rested or sleepy or confused, i feel fully energized.